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Each Sale is Unique!

Each sale has it's own style, scheme, and STORY. That is what makes it great!

Our staff is the best when it comes to staging and showcasing your sale items. We believe every sale has a story to tell, and we love to "set the stage".


From your canned goods to your beautiful furniture, most everything can be sold. Don't get rid of anything just yet. Our diverse staff has a wide knowledge base from travel, industry and more. We work diligently to go through your home, attics, garage, buildings and annexes to find items to maximize your earnings. We provide shipping services to buyers across our sales media.

Let us take the burden of deciding what to sell and what to donate.

Spread the Word!

Marketing and advertising is what we do. Facebook, Instagram, the newspaper, and online.

We want to showcase your sale items.

Right People, Right Places

Setup and Staging. Marketing and Advertising. Sales.

We believe in placing the right people in the right places in our company. Our team works together as a diverse and cohesive staff to provide you with a premium result.

Ask us about a FREE consultation!

All of our consultations are free. If you would like our staff to come look at your potential sale, click the link here.